Injured Truckers Over 50    


Experience counts. We have been helping injured workers for over a quarter of a century. Harris Law Offices is very familiar with the special needs of injured truckers over the age of 50.

Older injured truckers face special challenges. We know that older workers may have more difficulty recovering from a serious work-related injury. If you are unable to return to trucking, you may encounter greater difficulty in finding a job in a competitive labor market. For example, older workers may be less likely to be familiar with computers and the latest technology than younger people.

If your injury is serious, you may be entitled to benefits for the rest of your life. We will analyze your case to see if you fit the definition of an odd lot worker, or a worker who is not employable in a competitive labor-market. One of the factors to be considered is a truck driver's age. Thus if you are an older driver with a serious injury and few transferable skills, you may well be considered an odd lot worker. If you do fit this definition, you may be entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits for the rest of your life. Even if you are able to be employed, we know how to make a claim for your loss of earning capacity if you are not able to make as much money because of your injury.

You may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation and/or loss of earning capacity benefits. We help you receive vocational rehabilitation training or job placement assistance. We understand that traditional vocational rehabilitation or retraining programs may not work for truckers over the age of 50. We know how to be sensitive to the special needs of injured truckers who want to re-enter the work force, but have only done jobs involving physical labor for their entire life.